Tuesday’s Impact Wrestling rating and viewership on the rise after slammiversary


PWTorch reports that ratings for Tuesday’s episode of Impact Wrestling, which was the first show after Slammiversary, saw an increase in ratings and audience for the company. Slammiversary got a buzz when it aired on FITE TV last week, thanks to appearances by former WWE stars like The Good Brothers, Heath and Eric Young, as well as the return of the Motor City Machine Guns.The AXS television series drew 163,000 viewers on Tuesday, up from 156,000 and 135,000 last week. The average since March 24 is 145,000 people. However, the Impact performed even better this year, attracting more than 163,000 viewers on May 12, as well as nine of the first ten weeks of the year. The empty arena setting resulted in audience drops of around 5-10%, compared to normal projections for the seasonal changes that usually occur.

The show has attracted an average of 147,000 viewers since April. It averaged 174,000 in January, February and March, meaning it registered a 15% drop. Without the pandemic, it is believed that this drop would be much smaller. Regardless, it’s still the most watched show on AXS by far.

Meanwhile, in the biggest demo for adults ages 18-49, it had a rating of 0.05 for the first time since February 25, tying its high demo rating for that year. Although it is three times lower than that of NXT (rating of 0.17) and more than six times less than that of AEW (rating of 0.32), Impact has always had a nice upward trend in ratings. and the audience over the past few weeks.

He ranked No.103 on cable on Tuesday, tied with the series Road Kill on Motor Trend and a few other shows. Show # 50 drew a rating of 0.13.


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