TTC runners question lack of law enforcement after maskless metro protest


TTC riders question agency priorities after protesters deliberately broke TTC mask rules without repercussions.

Protesters rolled the system on Tuesday without a face shield, flouting the TTC’s “mandatory” mask rule, which the agency admitted it had no plans to apply. He argues that his officers cannot tell, simply by looking, who is unable to wear a mask for medical reasons.

The ridiculous went on Twitter Tuesday to question the priorities of the agency given the strong application of the pricing evasion policy which included highly visible campaigns and heavy fines.

“Which bus would you prefer to sit on, a bus full of fraudsters wearing masks, or a bus full of people who paid for their tickets but refused to wear a mask?” I know which bus I would wait for, “said Crystal-Rose Madore in an email.

Madore and her family used the TTC frequently before the COVID-19 pandemic.

“I feel frustrated with the TTC. This morning, it was clearly indicated that the TTC favors the application of tariffs to the safety of people who depend on public transportation in our city. Both are regulations, but only one is enforced with its own team, and it is not one that relates to public safety.

“To allay public concerns about a group that exploits this uneven level of law enforcement for its own ends, I wonder how seriously this pandemic is taken by the TTC, I am concerned about the health and safety for cyclists and employees. “

Masks or face covers are mandatory when traveling on the TTC since July 2, with exemptions for riders under two years of age and those with accessibility or health problems that prevent them from wearing a mask.

The TTC says that it is examining the anti-mask demonstration of the metro at Dundas and at the University on Tuesday morning, but that it cannot impose the wearing of a mask for runners who claim to have a health problem.

“A client only has to declare that he has a medical condition, we don’t need documentation. There is already an exemption in the mask policy for those with health concerns, ”wrote TTC on Twitter in response to a pilot.

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Among the protesters, a woman who was recently filmed was ejected from a hospital for not wearing a mask. She told reporters that the mandatory wearing of masks was the start of a slippery slope to the loss of liberties.

The City of Toronto on Tuesday made masks mandatory in indoor public spaces, including stores, malls and public transit, to slow the spread of COVID-19.

The scientific consensus is that masks help fight COVID-19, in particular by protecting others.

In March, the TTC suspended the application of the tariffs, announcing that its inspectors would continue to patrol but would focus on “education and customer service” rather than issuing fines.

In June, the agency began deploying inspectors to the main surface transfer points to “remind customers to pay their rates”, according to a message on the site. Law enforcement activities, including escape fines, will resume in mid-July or August.


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