Trump turns Hong Kong announcement into campaign-style attack on Joe Biden


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Donald Trump announced Tuesday that he has signed a decree ending Hong Kong’s privileged trade status after a new Chinese law, according to his administration, considerably erodes Hong Kong’s autonomy. But he seemed to use the political announcement as a mechanism to pound his enemy in the 2020 general election in another surreal scene in the White House under the 45th president, a former reality TV host.

He also signed bipartisan legislation imposing sanctions on China on its Hong Kong policy. But the news of Hong Kong-China policy was almost immediately wiped out by what happened next.

What happened in the scorching Rose Garden was a campaign event – paid for by the American taxpayer, not by Mr. Trump’s political donors through his campaign organization – as a clearly aggrieved and frustrated president, turned to the rhetoric hard and seeming to understand the bitter struggle he waged. to win a second term. At one point, he said that his travel ban while keeping some of the Muslim-majority countries closed America to “jihadist regions.” He accused Mr. Biden of offering to “abolish the police” and “abolish the prisons”.

The president, in the midst of falling polls in major swing states, said that “all” of the career of former vice president Joe Biden, the presumed Democratic presidential candidate, was “a gift for the Chinese Communist Party ”.

He then painted many of the foreign policies supported by Mr. Biden as vice president and senator against the interests of America and helping China. Trump also said the former vice president’s political platform would “demolish” the US economy, which cut tens of millions of jobs during Trump’s management of the Covid-19 epidemic .

The president used most of what was advertised as a press conference to hammer out Mr. Biden, starting early in the event and not letting go. Almost an hour after the event started, Mr. Trump finally answered questions.

The President was asked if he expected to lose on November 3. He replied, “No, I don’t know. ”

He then went on to answer for a few minutes in which he touted some of his counter-coronavirus movements, and said that “enthusiasm” was stronger among Conservative voters.

But he also clearly recognized that his campaign was in trouble, as he followed Mr. Biden nationally and in the main battlefield states.

“When we overthrow him for the second time,” he said, predicting that the news media could give him a “fair” shake.

Not only did he paint it as in China’s pocket, but he added that his adversary had been a “friend” of the American adversary for decades. He accused Mr. Biden of advocating policies that would allow millions of immigrants to flow to the United States, including “getting social benefits”.

“If we had listened to Joe Biden,” millions more lives in the United States would have been lost to the coronavirus than the more than 135,000 dead under Trump’s surveillance, the president said.

The barely concealed campaign speech also featured Trump attacking his enemy in the general election for failing to improve the country’s roads, bridges and other infrastructure. He also said that Mr. Biden had done a bad job in directing the Obama administration’s response to “swine flu”.

The Rose Garden scene shocked some former White House officials, including former Obama collaborator Dan Pfeiffer, who tweeted, “Not for nothing, but Trump using the Rose Garden to deliver a campaign speech attacking Biden is definitely illegal and his campaign owes taxpayers a lot of money for this event. ”

The Biden campaign responded in real time to the White House campaign speech.

“Donald Trump is trying to rewrite his miserable story from chairman of caving to President Xi and the Chinese government every turn, but as long as he can, Trump cannot hide from a record of weakness and bad deals that systematically put China first and America last, ”said the Democrat’s campaign in a statement.

“At every step, Trump has failed in America,” said the Biden campaign. “He breached our values ​​in approving the Chinese government’s crackdown on basic human rights and the crackdown on democracy in Hong Kong, he failed our workers with a bad trade deal, and he failed the American people when he refused to hold the Chinese government responsible for their misleading and incompetent response to COVID-19. ”

The president, however, continued the attack.

“Biden repeatedly ranks with China over America,” said Trump. “He is so proud of this. “


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