Trump threatens Portland protesters with ‘very powerful offensive force’


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Donald Trump threatened protesters in Portland on Friday, saying the federal police he had sent there was ready to use “a very powerful offensive force.”

“If that doesn’t clear up, we’re going to do something very powerful,” the president said a day after warning protesters he called “terrorists” that he was about to send National Guard troops.

“We have no choice,” he said, because “Left-wing extremists have wreaked havoc on the streets of different cities.”

Mr Trump, behind former Vice President Joe Biden, the alleged Democratic presidential candidate, in national and national polls, the president has in recent months been targeting mayors of Democratic-led cities. He claims the protests and violence are the result of their poor government, ignoring that many are still protesting because of the deaths of black Americans at a higher rate at the hands of the police.

The president said some of the protesters are “professionals” who willfully cause trouble, including throwing “cans of soup” and other projectiles at police officers.

“It’s the perfect size,” he said, claiming that tin cans are better at hurting bricks.

Mr Trump, a big consumer of cable TV news, said the media was too sympathetic to protesters, poking fun at their collective coverage: “Isn’t it wonderful to allow protesting? ”

“No,” he said, answering his own question in the last self-taught stage design moment of his tenure.

On Friday, at a White House event with law enforcement personnel, took another hit, with the same message, to Mr. Biden. He falsely said that Mr. Biden wanted to defeat the police; the former vice president proposed to increase police funds to better train officers and initiated police reforms.

The president spoke hours after his acting homeland security chief Chad Wolf said an agreement announced Thursday to withdraw federal police from Portland would only be implemented if the Trump administration calls a local plan. effective city stabilization.

“Law enforcement officers who have been there for the past 60 days will stay there in Portland until we are satisfied that the plan put in place by the governor and the State Police of the “Oregon will be effective night after night,” Mr. Wolf told Fox News.

His comments came a day after the administration and Oregon Governor Kate Brown said they agreed to a plan to pull out federal law enforcement personnel.

But Donald Trump’s tweets and comments on Thursday seemed to pour cold water on such a deal, as he called the Portland protesters “terrorists.”

“The governor and the mayor, we have dealt with them, and we think that they do not know what they are doing because it should not have lasted for 60 days”,


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