Trump, the Flailing campaign, is embarking on another media blitz to “control the agenda” in 2020. It doesn’t work.


Beginning in the final year of former Special Advocate Robert Mueller’s investigation, President Donald Trump would periodically repeat a three-word key phrase to his personal lawyer and political lawyer Rudy Giuliani. ” Check the agenda“He confided in private to his lawyer, according to three people who heard the president say that.Trump would deploy the phrase specifically during his comments and attacks on Giuliani’s latest television appearances, media hits that would sometimes get comically combative, go wild and seem to create bigger public relations headaches than they were worth. Regardless, the president generally advised. So often, it was not a question of keeping the peace, but of pushing the dust, bringing the fight to the media and trying to force the press to cover and discuss subjects in the words of Trump, the all in the hope of swaying or falling out. , public opinion.

It is a strategy that has served this president well from time to time, with perhaps the biggest result of the 2016 election result. But the president’s preferred omnipresence media strategy does not always bear fruit. That did not prevent the House from falling to Democrats midway through 2018, and Trump and Giuliani’s dedication to tactics arguably sparked the chain reaction that led to the president’s impeachment.

Especially if Trump is in an electoral or political impasse, as in the midterm elections, he will demand that his staff bring as many interviewers as possible into the Oval Office, and that as many of his ” exclusives ”on television and cable news be broadcast as quickly as possible. For Trump, virtually all of his political problems can be fixed if he can fair garner unholy media attention. He clings to that notion even when it’s dramatically challenged, such as earlier this year when his regular presence at White House coronavirus briefings ravaged his poll numbers, led senior officials to say. begging to stop doing them, and ultimately led the president to stop. his appearances.


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