Trump targets Bubba Wallace while criticizing NASCAR ban on Confederate flag


Bubba Wallace released a statement on Monday in response to President Trump, who said earlier today that Wallace, the only full-time black NASCAR driver, should apologize after finding a noose in his garage on a fast lane in Alabama. In a statement to “the next generation and the little ones who follow in my footsteps,” wrote Wallace, “… always face the hatred that is thrown at you with LOVE! … Even when it’s HATE of the POTUS [president of the United States].  »Earlier on Monday, Mr. Trump called the tightrope incident a “hoax” and wondered if Wallace had “apologized to all of these great NASCAR drivers and officials who came to his aid, stood by his side, and were ready to sacrifice everything for him, only to discover that all this was just another HOAX? »After discovering the noose and postponing the race due to weather conditions, the other pilots and crew members helped push Wallace’s car during pre-race activities the next day as a sign of support.

“The That & Flag decision caused the lowest scores of all time!” Trump tweeted, referring to NASCAR decision to ban the Confederate flag during races.


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