Trump says he will not sign another coronavirus stimulus bill that does not include payroll tax cuts


  • President Trump has indicated in an interview with Chris Wallace, host of “Fox News Sunday,” that he could not sign another coronavirus stimulus bill if it does not include a cut in payroll taxes.
  • The White House and Republicans in Congress are reportedly considering new measures for a future bill, as the increase in federal unemployment of $ 600 per week will expire at the end of this week.
  • Trump said he “should see” but “would consider not signing it if we don’t have payroll tax cuts.”
  • A reduction in the wage bill, however, would only benefit those who are currently employed, help the highest earners the most and do nothing to help those who are unemployed.
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President Donald Trump said in an interview with Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace that he could not sign another coronavirus stimulus bill if it did not include payroll tax cuts .

Currently, the White House and top Republicans in Congress are weighing what a future stimulus package might look like, as the $ 600 per week federal supplemental unemployment benefit that Congress passed for several states under the CARES Act. in April is expected to run out in six days on July 25.

“The stimulus bill runs out at the end of this month. Republicans say they want liability limits, which Democrats don’t, you say you want payroll tax cuts, which even some Republicans are cool. sign only a bill with these two provisions? Wallace asked.

“We’re going to see, but we need protections because the companies are going to be sued simply because – you don’t know where this virus comes from, they’re going to sit in a restaurant, they’re going to sue the restaurant, the guy is bankrupt, ”Trump said, referring to a federal provision that would protect businesses like restaurants from lawsuits against people who claimed to contract COVID-19 at those establishments.

“So we need some sort of immunity. Just as you need police immunity, whether they like it or not, you need police immunity. But they need some form of immunity, “he said, accusing the Democrats of being controlled by the legal lobby.

When Wallace urged him on payroll tax cuts, Trump said he “will have to see” but that he “would consider not signing it if we don’t have payroll tax cuts, yes.” ”

Trump has strongly insisted on reducing payroll taxes throughout the pandemic, but such a move would only provide limited relief to those who are still employed, would benefit the highest earners who pay the most. taxes and would do nothing to help Americans who are unemployed. The unemployment rate in June stood at 11.1% as the number of people permanently losing their jobs increased.

And as Wallace mentioned, not all Republicans were enthusiastic or agreed with the idea of ​​lower payroll taxes for previous rounds of stimulus negotiations.

On Sunday, the Washington Post reported that in light of improved federal unemployment benefits of $ 600 per week, which are expected to run out in less than a week, the White House and senior Senate Republicans are considering measures, including extension of an improved weekly federal unemployment benefit to a smaller scale. $ 200 or $ 400 per week or subject to future federal unemployment resources.

As Republicans try to limit the size and scope of a future stimulus package as much as possible, some experts have said in the post that testing future federal unemployment benefits could impose burdens Even more burdensome administrative work for already overworked and overworked state employment agencies, many of which find it difficult to process claims as they are and leave millions waiting for benefits.

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