Trump News – Live: White House backs down on Fauci attack as President’s niece calls for resignation in first TV interview


Mary Trump parleWe covered some of the most surprising excerpts from Mary Trump’s book Too much and never enough when they were released before publication, but following a court ruling that Donald Trump’s niece could promote her book in person, she made her first appearance on television this morning.

Talk to George Stephanopoulos on ABC Hello america, Ms. Trump, a clinical psychologist, was candid in her assessment of the president.

“He is completely incapable of leading this country, and it is dangerous to allow him to do so.”

She called the family “dysfunctional” and her grandfather, Fred, a “sociopath”, who turned her children and his wife into “pawns to use for his own ends.”

The book says that this relationship explains much of his uncle’s behavior today.

The White House said the book was full of “lies” and “absurd allegations”.


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