Trump News Live: Latest 2020 Election Updates as President Wrongly Claims Biden Wants to Dissolve Police


Portland mayor calls on Trump to remove militarized federal agents from city after people loaded into unmarked cars“Keep your troops in your own buildings, or get them out of our city,” said Mayor Ted Wheeler at a press conference. “It’s part of Trump’s core White House media strategy: to use federal troops to bolster its sag in the polls. data… And this is absolute abuse by federal law enforcement officials. ”

Federal officers have charged at least 13 people with crimes related to anti-racism protests, Oregon Public Broadcasting reported on Thursday. Some were held in the federal courthouse, which was the scene of protests. But others were seized a few blocks away.Video showed two people wearing helmets and green camouflage uniforms with “police” badges grabbing a person on the sidewalk, handcuffing them and taking them into an unmarked vehicle. ” Who are you? Someone asks the couple who don’t answer. At least some of the federal officers belong to the Department of Homeland Security.

Democratic Governor Kate Brown accused Trump of seeking a confrontation in order to gain political points. It also serves as a distraction from the coronavirus pandemic, which has seen record levels of daily cases this week, surpassing 75,000 on Thursday.

Its spokesperson, Charles Boyle, said the arrest of people without probable cause is “of extraordinary concern and constitutes a violation of their civil liberties and constitutional rights”.

Oregon Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum has said she will launch federal legal action against the United States Department of Homeland Security, the Marshals Service, Customs and Border Protection and the Federal Protection Service, alleging that they had violated the civil rights of the residents of Oregon by detaining them without probable cause. She will also seek a temporary restraining order against them.

The Oregon ACLU said federal agents appear to be violating people’s rights, which “should concern everyone in the United States,” adding, “Usually when we see people in unmarked cars catching force someone on the street, we call that kidnapping. “


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