Trump insists basic cognitive test was difficult: “Person, woman, man, camera, television”


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Donald Trump once again bragged about his performance on an elementary test designed to screen for the first signs of dementia – this time demonstrating one of the easiest tasks in a White House interview.

Speaking to Fox News medical contributor Dr Marc Siegel, Mr Trump described asking a doctor if there was “some kind of cognitive test” he could take to dispel the “fake news” about his sanity. He then described one of the exercises he was given, a memory test.

“It’s like going ‘person, woman, man, camera, TV’. So they’ll say “can you repeat that?” So I said ‘yeah’. It is therefore the person, the woman, the man, the camera, the television. Okay, that’s very good …

“If you put it in order, you get extra points. He said nobody was putting things in order, in fact it was not that easy, but for me it was easy. And it is not an easy question.

Continuing his monologue on the exercise, Mr. Trump described the examiners saying, “This is amazing! How did you do that? Responding “I do this because I have, like, a good memory.” Because I am there cognitively ”.

Mr. Trump’s demonstration of the test has been mocked on social media, with Daily show host Trevor Noah making the president’s wordlist as a parody from the song by Meredith Brooks ” Female dog».

The test Mr Trump performed is the Montreal Cognitive Assessment, which is commonly used for people suspected of being at risk for cognitive decline. While Mr. Trump took the test some time ago now, his fixation on his supposedly exceptional performance appears to have intensified of late – alongside the release of two books separately challenging his psychological integrity and intelligence, as well as ‘a persistent failure to make up for lost ground. to compete with Joe Biden.

Mr. Trump has polled well behind his Democratic opponent for months and his campaign is struggling to generate effective new lines of attack. The epithet “Sleepy Joe” that the president coined months ago may not have helped him regain some traction, but he’s obviously still comfortable using it as he ridicules the company. Mr Biden’s alleged senility.

The president dug the theme in Wednesday’s interview, insisting that “something is going on” with Mr Biden and that the US president must be “keen” to deal with Xi Jinping, Vladimir Putin and Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

“You don’t have someone you’re dealing with, and we can’t have someone who isn’t 100%.”

The President encountered head-on resistance to his narrative of cognitive primacy last Sunday, when he sat down for an interview with fellow Fox News host Chris Wallace.

Mr. Wallace told him that in a recent Fox News poll, Mr. Biden had surpassed him in terms of skill and sanity. When Mr Trump responded by again touting his test results, Mr Wallace pointed out that the questions included identifying a picture of an elephant and counting seven numbers from 100.

Mr. Trump was unmoved: “I guarantee you Joe Biden couldn’t answer these questions.”

For his part, Mr. Biden refused to engage in a debate about his own mental faculties. When asked earlier this month if he had taken a similar test, he said he did – and dismissed any concerns.

“Listen, all you have to do is look at me,” he said, “and I can’t wait to compare my cognitive abilities to the cognitive abilities of the man I’m running against.


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