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  • The World Health Organization has reported a record increase in global coronavirus cases, with a total increase of 237,743 in 24 hours.

  • The number of coronavirus cases in India has exceeded one million, with the United States and Brazil being the only other countries to have more infections.

  • More than 14 million people worldwide have been diagnosed with COVID-19, while more than 7.8 million have recovered and more than 600,000 have died, according to data from Johns Hopkins University.

Here are the latest updates.

Saturday July 18

02:22 GMT – US sets new virus record with 77,638 new cases

The United States recorded a record number of coronavirus cases on Friday for the third day in a row, registering 77,638 new infections in 24 hours, according to a count from Johns Hopkins University.

The country also registered 927 deaths during this period, according to a count at 8:30 p.m. (00:30 GMT Saturday). The figures bring the number of deaths in the United States to 139,128 and the number of cases to 3.64 million confirmed cases.

02:02 GMT – The US economy “will shrink by 6.6% in 2020”

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has predicted that the U.S. economy will shrink 6.6% this year, pounded by the coronavirus and lockdowns believed to contain it.

The forecast is actually an upgrade from what the IMF did last month when it forecast an 8% contraction in the US economy in 2020. But the lending organization has warned that the economy US was facing downside risks due to a resurgence in COVID-19 cases.

01:44 GMT – Azerbaijan extends restrictions until August 31

Azerbaijan extended coronavirus lockdown restrictions, including closing its borders, until August 31 after a further rise in the number of infections.

The government said residents of major cities, including the capital Baku, would only be allowed to leave their homes with special permission from July 20 to August 5.

The shopping centers, cinemas, restaurants, cafes and museums of these cities remained closed, while the beauty salons will be reopened.

1:04 GMT – Trump will not consider a national mask warrant

US President Donald Trump has ruled out a national mandate forcing people to wear face masks despite the record increase in new coronavirus infections in the United States.

In an interview with Fox News that airs Sunday, Trump said, “No, I want people to have some freedom and I don’t believe in it. No, and I don’t agree with the statement that if everyone wears a mask, everything; all of a sudden everything disappears. ”

He added: “Everyone was saying not to wear a mask and all of a sudden everyone has to wear a mask and as you know masks are also a problem. That being said, I believe in masks, I think masks are good. “

00:33 GMT – EU leaders deadlocked over COVID stimulus package

EU leaders have failed to advance negotiations on a massive stimulus package to bring life to the economies ravaged by the coronavirus pandemic, returning to their hotels in Brussels shortly before midnight to rest and try again in the morning .

Many of the 27 leaders said on their arrival for their first face-to-face summit in five months that an agreement was essential to save the plummeting economies and build confidence in the European Union.

But officials said a thrifty camp of wealthy northern states led by the Netherlands stood firm over access to the recovery fund, facing opposition from Germany, France, nations from the South, Italy and Spain, and Eastern European States.

The amounts under consideration include the EU budget for 2021-2027 of more than one trillion euros (1.14 trillion dollars) and the recovery fund worth 750 billion euros (85.7 billion dollars) which will be mainly sent to the countries of the Mediterranean coast most affected by the pandemic.

Diplomats said the 27 remained at odds over the overall size of the package, the split between grants and repayable loans in the recovery fund, and the rule of law conditions attached to it.

As the leaders parted ways for the day, Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki tweeted that they were divided by a bundle of questions and said it was “highly likely” that they would not come to an agreement on Saturday or even Sunday if the summit dragged on. spent his two scheduled days.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has also been cautious about the chances of reaching an agreement, considering “very, very difficult negotiations”.

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