Trump defends frequent golf, saying “my exercise is playing”


President Donald Trump defended what he described as his exercise regime on Sunday, tweeting a justification for his frequent golf outings and claiming them as sufficient physical activity.

“My ‘exercise’ consists in playing, almost never during the week, a game of fast golf. Obama has been playing longer and longer games, no problem, ”Trump tweeted.

CNN has already verified Trump’s claims that he had played less golf than his predecessor; Trump has played more than twice as many golf games as former President Barack Obama at the same time as president. Trump made his 276th visit to one of his golf properties on Saturday.

Trump has also defended his frequent golf games, arguing that he often works on ties.

“I play VERY fast, I do a lot of work on the golf course, and I also do a” little “exercise. Not bad! He tweeted.

Before winning the presidency, Trump was a frequent critic of Obama for playing golf in power. But Trump has spent many weekends at his various golf properties in Florida, New Jersey, and Virginia, sometimes bringing lawmakers or business leaders with him.

Trump has long reacted strongly to the scrutiny of his physical or mental health, claiming last week that he “passed” a cognitive test without providing evidence.

It was the president’s last attempt to dismiss questions about his mental abilities and to question those of the presumed Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden.

The White House would not provide details about the test or say if it referred to a more recent assessment than the one it underwent in 2018.

Trump’s general medical status has often been the source of speculation.

In June, the White House provided a positive look at an annual physical check-up, saying the president’s cholesterol levels were down from previous years, but never provided a full explanation for a sudden trip. November 2019 at the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center that the White House claimed to be supposed to start its annual physique early.

At the time, the White House said it was a “routine review,” although it was not announced and was not on the president’s internal calendar the morning he s went there.

New questions about the president’s health came up last month when he appeared unstable going down a ramp at the West Point launch ceremony. Trump then repeatedly raised the episode, insisting that his leather shoes made it difficult to get off the ramp.


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