True reason behind the sensational bankruptcy of Tottenham by Hugo Lloris et Fils which continued in the tunnel and the locker room


HUGO LLORIS provided the timing of Tottenham’s victory over Everton with a surprising rant on the pitch at Son Heung-min.

Monday’s lackluster 1-0 victory for Jose Mourinho’s team was marred by the half-time feud that Special One described as “good”.


Lloris ran to Son at the end of the first semesterCredit: Sky Sports
The incident was on an attack on Everton in Monday’s game, but had its roots in the previous defeatCredit: Sky Sports

The collapse came as the tension and pressure of the Premier League break-in was bubbling.

Speaking after the game, Tottenham captain Lloris described the incident as a typical one for any locker room – even if they don’t usually spill over onto the field.

And he said that Son’s failure to continue to press his opponents to try to win the ball at the end of the first half was the trigger for his incredible explosion.

Lloris said, “What happened between me and Sonny is sometimes part of football. There is no problem.

“Give a chance a few seconds before half time because we don’t do the press properly … It annoyed me.

“But it’s part of football – it’s not a problem. We are moving forward. “


Few expected Mourinho to find the moment “beautiful” as he did.

But when the coach discussed the incident, he said he loved it and accepted full responsibility.

According to Mourinho, Sheffield United’s 3-1 defeat the previous week played a big role with Tottenham players agreeing not to accept a “passive attitude” – like the one Lloris felt Son had shown.

The Spurs boss said, “It’s wonderful. It was probably as a result of our meetings.

“Probably if you want to blame someone for that it’s me.

“A team of good boys, a team of good boys, the only thing they can win is the fair play cup – which I have never won and I am not interested in winning.

“We must have a certain character, grow in your responsibility and your consistency.

Hugo Lloris and Son Heung-min of Tottenham Hotspur separated by teammates after a furious argument during the shock of Everton

“We talked a lot after the Sheffield game and one of the things we talked about was being open and demanding of each other not to accept a passive attitude.

“I was critical of my boys because I don’t think they are critical enough of themselves and each other.

“I asked them to be more demanding, to demand more from others, to put their colleagues under the pressure of the team spirit that you have to give to everyone. ”

Sky television experts analyzed the clash and agreed with Lloris that the Korean striker had let his runner go.

Yerry Mina carried the ball out of the half of Everton and was allowed to choose Richarlison, who almost brought the score down with a dangerous shot that went past the post.

Ben Davies and Serge Aurier were both seen with arms outstretched after the attack, suggesting their similar dismay at how it happened.

Former Spurs midfielder Jamie Redknapp said in the studio at half-time: ” [Son] give up, he absolutely gives up.

“There’s a reaction when Lloris yells at Son next – it’s probably the most exciting thing that happened in the first half.

It’s hard. It happened on the midline. It was so far from Lloris and I don’t think Lloris really has a case. ”

Glenn Hoddle

“But it could actually be a consequence of what happened in the Sheffield United match when he didn’t challenge. ”

My colleague Tim Cahill added: “In my opinion, I like it because he is the captain and demands respect and responsibility to shut down the players and do your job because against Sheffield United they don’t haven’t done. ”

However, Tottenham’s favorite Glenn Hoddle defended Son.

Speaking of Premier League Productions, the former boss of England and the Spurs said: “I think it stems from the Sheffield United game.

“They all discussed this attitude and I think Lloris says, ‘You can’t show that kind of attitude’.

“But for me, it’s hard. We watched it, it happened halfway.

“It was so far from Lloris and I don’t think Lloris really has a case.

“I think the ball was too far from Son. Maybe from Lloris’ position, it looks like Son just gave up, but for me it was just a bad ball. “

Harry Winks and Giovani Lo Celso were the first on the scene to break the line.

Images of the players coming out of the locker room for the second half showed that Lloris and Son shared a quick hug with the issue apparently covered during the break.

The boring game was decided when Argentine midfielder Lo Celso, in the 24th minute, deflected Michael Keane for the only goal in the game.

The Spurs rose to eighth in the standings, seven points behind Manchester United in fifth, and will now face Bournemouth and Arsenal later this week.

And Mourinho summed up the episode as a short break in relationships that he believes will contribute to a stronger attitude in the long run.

Mourinho just watched his players get passionate about the cause3
Mourinho just watched his players get passionate about the causeCrédit: News Group Newspapers Ltd

He continued: “It was a situation at the end of the first half where an incredible child that everyone loves like Sonny, a team boy, but in this situation, the captain thought that at the last minute of the first half, you have to do more for the team and give us a different effort than what you gave.

“It’s something very important for the team to grow. Because as a team to grow, you have to demand from each other and have strong personalities. I was really happy.

“By the time I got to the locker room, it was all over and they were hugging.

“I just wanted the players to understand that I was very happy with it. When I told them that, they realized that nothing was wrong. “


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