Trudeau, Morneau should resign or risk snap election: opposition


OTTAWA – Opposition parties are stepping up calls for the resignation of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Finance Minister Bill Morneau, with Conservatives and the Bloc Québécois saying the Liberals could face a fall election if actions in the beyond their apologies for The WE Charity controversy is not taken. In a new statement in French on Friday afternoon, Bloc Québécois leader Yves-François Blanchet said that in light of the ongoing developments in the WE Charity controversy, and what he called a betrayal of The confidence of the Canadians that Trudeau and Morneau have demonstrated, it’s time for both to go.

Otherwise, his party plans to consult Quebeckers on the possibility of tabling a motion of censure when the House of Commons resumes at the end of September. Since the Liberals currently govern with a minority, their government could be overthrown if they lose a vote of confidence.

Blanchet said the Bloc also wanted the Chief Electoral Officer to look at physical distance and other precautions to be taken in the event of a general election.

However, many questions remain about the logistics of a confidence vote in the House of Commons altered by COVID-19 or sending Canadians to the polls during a pandemic.

Elections Canada is currently working on a new approach and considering what health precautions to take if it were to hold an election during or soon after the pandemic.

So far, Blanchet has said he doesn’t want Trudeau to resign, but rather to step down until the ethics inquiry – which takes on average several months – into the Prime Minister’s relationship with WE Charity be completed. Now he says he thinks that, as undesirable as an election amid a national public health crisis may be, Quebeckers even less want another Liberal scandal.


Ahead of Blanchet’s final comments, incumbent Tory leader Andrew Scheer also called on Trudeau and Morneau to leave, but declined to suggest an election.

Scheer said the House is not currently sitting in a manner that would allow a vote of confidence, and given that his party is still electing its replacement, now is not the time to explore the path of the early elections.

“I don’t think he deserves to rule this country. His party received the most seats in the last election, it did not get the most votes, but it did get the most seats, so the Liberal Party of Canada has the right to rule this Minority Parliament for as long as it is. able to find support from at least one other party, but there is nothing in writing that says it has to be Justin Trudeau, ”Scheer said, suggesting that Liberal MPs could act and replace Trudeau with a new Liberal leader.

“Are they willing to sacrifice their personal integrity to protect their scandal-ravaged leader and to cover up corruption? Or are they ready to take a stand and demand that Trudeau step down? If the Liberals refuse to act, sit idly by and say nothing, then they implicitly approve of this corrupt behavior, and they will be just as guilty as Justin Trudeau, ”he told a press conference on Friday. morning in Regina.

While the ballots are still pending to nominate the next Federal Conservative leader, purported leaders Erin O’Toole and Peter MacKay have both expressed outrage at the case and pledged to hold the Liberals to account. Trudeau Liberals if elected.


Opposition parties continue to ask for more responses and have launched three separate inquiries in committee, including asking for the Trudeau family’s financial records related to past speeches. They also prompted the Ethics Commissioner to launch conflict of interest investigations into Trudeau and Morneau’s relationship over a $ 912 million student services grant program that WE Charity was to administer.

WE Charity walked away from the program after a series of headlines about their own internal issues as well as others questioning Trudeau’s ethics and the potential conflict of interest in which he and his finance minister may have found themselves. -be put in not recusing himself from the decision. build on the agreement, given their close family ties to the organization.

Additionally, Trudeau and his senior official Katie Telford have accepted invitations to appear before the House Finance Committee, where Morneau revealed earlier this week that he had just reimbursed WE Charity for $ 41,366 in exceptional expenses that the organization has covered for two trips that his family has taken. 2017, and that his wife has donated $ 100,000 to the organization in recent years.

“Normally, these are revocable offenses. In the past, ministers have been forced to resign for much less. So why was Bill Morneau not fired? Why did the Liberal MPs not ask Justin Trudeau to step down as leader of the Liberal Party? Scheer said.


Following Morneau’s testimony, several of his cabinet colleagues spoke out, saying they still trusted him and supported him to remain Minister of Finance.

“Yes, I have complete confidence in Minister Morneau. He worked very hard… And I think he explained himself and testified before the finance committee, ”Minister of Middle Class Prosperity Mona Fortier said on Friday.

Voting on a no-confidence motion would require either a full resumption of regular sittings or a remote voting plan if the risk of a pandemic is still high enough to prevent the full list of 338 MPs from not entering the room. At this point, it remains to be seen what approach MPs will take in the fall sitting, which is slated to begin on September 21.

In February, when railway blockades were the federal government’s main concern, the Conservatives gave notice of a no-confidence motion, which they now have the opportunity to table at any time during this Parliament.

If moved, the motion would need the support of other opposition parties to pass, and for now, the NDP has not clarified where it would stand when it comes to forcing an election because of this ongoing scandal.


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