Transphobic anti-masker dies after being diagnosed with coronavirus


Richard Rose of Ohio, in the United States, published transphobic memes and claimed that the coronavirus pandemic was just “hype”. (Facebook)

Transphobic anti-masking and trumpeting slogans of Trump, who frequently dismissed the global coronavirus pandemic that made 13 million people sick and killed nearly 580,000 as “hype”, died of COVID- 19,

Richard Rose, 37, died at his home in Port Clinton, Ohio, July 4 – just three days after being tested positive for contagion, his family said. Daily Mail.

Rose frequently shared awkward memes on her Facebook that said there were “only two sexes” or believed that Michelle Obama was a man, and spat out Islamaphobic rhetoric.

He often blocked the sons of his friends by announcing that he was not buying a mask and that he had returned his cable box because of “bullshit on COVID”.

However, his messages gradually began to detail his symptoms. Vows not to wear a mask or to discredit the existence of the folded virus in statutes which said: “This COVID is null! I’m so breathless sitting here. ”

The slideshows of chained Rose’s Facebook messages have gone viral, becoming a cautionary tale of the importance of taking the pandemic that is crating the world seriously. Where reluctance to follow the advice of health officials may further inflame the spread of the virus.

A transphobic war veteran supporting Trump ripped apart those who took the coronavirus seriously. He later died of the new disease.

The U.S. military veteran, who spent nine years in the U.S. military touring Iraq and Afghanistan, wrote on Facebook on July 1 that he had been tested for COVID-19, saying that he had been “very sick in the past few days.

“This morning I was finally buffered,” he writes, “I should have known what the results were. I just want to feel good. ”

Rose died three days later.

A staunch supporter of the President – who has often downplayed the threat of the virus – Rose has regularly shared messages from Trump. In a post, he amplified the president’s tweets which decried the Black Lives Matter protesters who described American cities as “thugs”.

“I support my president and his words,” Rose wrote on Facebook. “It is finally time to have a president who supports us. I am happy to call him MY PRESIDENT! ”

A few days after Rose’s death, the president left Americans stunned after months of mocking those who wore masks and rejecting calls by health officials to wear one, finally wearing a blanket during a visit the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center this month.

US President Donald Trump wears a mask during his visit to the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Bethesda, Maryland, July 11, 2020. (ALEX EDELMAN / AFP)

The masks appeared as a shortcut for the pandemic itself. A reminder of how the world has changed as a result of the coronavirus rampage and the ways in which normality has been disrupted.

As a result, many right-wing community leaders have mocked the masks, often seeking to erode or suppress the calls of legislators to wear them. Trump had refused to wear a mask at press conferences, coronavirus task force updates, rallies, and other public events for months.


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