Trailer Feel Good Man: The documentary Pepe the Frog is a wild tragedy


Smells good man debuted at the Sundance Film Festival 2020 in January, about 8,000 years ago.

However, as we approach the election season, I am still in shock from this experience; The story of designer Matt Furie and his harmless comic creation Pepe the Frog speaks volumes about the toxic potential of the Internet. The first trailer, premiered on Wednesday, offers the same thrills.

Directed by illustrator, host and journalist Arthur Jones, Smells good man begins as a portrait of an artist, the sweet and clumsy Fury, explores the MySpace popularity of Boys Club funny, then explodes when 4chan catches Pepe’s wind.

Easy to draw and convert to nightmarish fuel, Pepe has become fodder for every type of Internet citizen, eventually becoming an entry in the anti-defamation league hate symbol index. At one point, Jones interviews a member of Trump’s campaign on the appropriation of the Fury comic for propaganda. Smells good man excels at connecting the dots between a “marginal” meme and a popular movement that has reshaped all of America.

At the time, I called Smells good man “The most urgent and poignant political documentary of the year,” an assertion that I will uphold. The film will entertain those who followed the journey of Fury to recover Pepe from the extremists, and should amaze the mind of anyone who does not know how the culture of Internet memes has become an alternative religion for millions of people who seek to give an meaning to the world. . That is to say, it is documentary pleasure for the whole family!

Smells good man will be released on VOD on September 4.


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