Tourists Return As Cornwall Welcomes Visitors Again – In Pictures


The day that saw the largest easing of restrictions since the start of the foreclosure, Cornwall welcomed visitors again

After the glorious summer of Cornwall in the past three months of foreclosure today (Saturday July 4), the Duchy once again welcomed visitors to a veritable Cornish mizzle.Nicknamed “Super Saturday”, today saw the greatest relaxation of restrictions since the start of the foreclosure, with a social distance reduced to one meter, pubs and hairdressers reopening and, especially for Cornwall, people are now allowed to come here on vacation.

With many Cornish businesses dependent on tourism, the reopening of the vacation industry has been welcomed by many. However, there were also concerns that Cornwall could see up to 80,000 tourists visiting this weekend, with hotels, campsites, attractions, pubs and restaurants all open for the first time since the lockdown started.

If there are really 80,000 visitors on the Cornwall road, they haven’t arrived yet, because today the roads, beaches and town centers are quieter than expected.

It is quite possible that it is the return of the Cornish mizzle, which discouraged some people and which made Super Saturday a standard Saturday in Cornwall, and certainly more manageable.


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