Tourists beat seal “until he passed out” on the beach so kids “can take pictures” – World News


Smelly images show the time when a group of tourists beat an unconscious seal on a beach so that the children could take a picture of it.The shocking incident was filmed in the village of Kuryk, Kazakhstan, located on the eastern shore of the Caspian Sea, and shared online.

In the clip, we see a group of men, suspected of being tourists, attacking the animal with sticks and rocks after it has approached the shore.

The incident takes place in front of a crowd of people who are doing nothing to stop the violence.

The brutal attack lasted until the surrounded animal lost consciousness, according to reports.

Shocking images show a group of people beating a seal with sticks and stones so that the children could take a picture with it.

An anonymous witness told local media: “They beat the seal until he fainted.

Then they took it out of the water so the kids could take pictures and have fun.

After that, they threw the immobile body into the sea. I don’t know if it survived. ”

A similar incident occurred 70 km away in the city of Aktau.

A crowd watches as the seal is attacked

In the video, a group of tourists can see stones and flayed rocks on a baby seal after the curious animal approached them.

Model Yevgeniya Mukasheva then shared the clip with her followers with the caption, “If an animal gets close to you, it means they trust you.

How could you throw stones at the helpless puppy and laugh? Have you lost your mind ?! “

The baby seal covered with stones and rocks

Commenting on the incident, the Kazakh authorities expressed their disapproval and urged everyone to show respect for the environment.

Saken Dildakhmet, spokesperson for the Ministry of Ecology, Geology and Natural Resources, said: “The way people acted in the video is outrageous and wild.

Such an attitude can cause great damage to the wildlife of the Caspian Sea and affect the behavior of these animals which can become aggressive and attack people.

Caspian seals are in serious danger of extinction, as most puppies die before the age of one

We ask you to show respect for nature. ”

Seals are curious animals and they often approach people, say environmental authorities.

Mr. Dildakhmet added: “The seal in the clip is young and fun. Seals are mostly very friendly and curious marine mammals. We have to admire them. ”

Police are currently seeking the perpetrators of the two cases, which are punishable by up to two years in prison.

The Kazakh media say that some swimmers were bitten by seals and taken to hospital for a rabies attack in the same Mangistau region in June.

The incident could have triggered violent reaction from people in the videos, reports NURKZ.


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