Tour giant Uber officially launches in Winnipeg


After a few false starts, the Uber support service officially launches in Winnipeg.The app was made available to Winnipeg residents at 11 a.m. on Tuesday, said Michael van Hemmen, Uber’s operations manager in Western Canada, at a press conference.

Mayor Brian Bowman said he was pleased that residents of Winnipeg now have more options for transportation. He said he had the app on his phone for a while, but that he couldn’t use it in the city.

“I can’t tell you how many times people have visited our city and asked, ‘Why didn’t you get Uber?’ “, He said.

A map of Uber’s coverage area shows that carpooling will be available throughout Winnipeg, with the area primarily located on the ring road.

Uber’s coverage area in Winnipeg will be mainly bordered by the ring road. (Submitted by Alyssa Smith)

Van Hemmen said drivers should expect slightly longer wait times than before in other cities, but the company expects expectations to decrease in the coming weeks as more drivers will be hired.

He said Uber doesn’t have a specific number for the number of pilots needed, but the company is confident it has enough launches at the moment.

Drivers and drivers will also need to follow certain safety guidelines to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Pilots and pilots must wear face masks. Drivers will also have to submit a selfie via the application showing that they have a mask to take customers, and will also have to disinfect their vehicle between journeys.

Uber officials said in March that the company was recruiting drivers in Winnipeg with the intention of operating in the city by late spring.

The company attempted to launch in Winnipeg in 2018 after the city of Winnipeg and the province passed laws that would allow carpool services to enter the market, but were unable to reach an agreement with the Corporation. public insurance in Manitoba based on an insurance model.


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