Tour d’horizon: les solutions de transport de la SilverStar Crankworx Summer Series Enduro


As built-in tools and fancy straps become commonplace on the trails, we take a look at how pros carry their tools, water and fuel during the Enduro SilverStar Crankworx Summer Series race.
OneUp Components’ Integrated Tool and Pump System is the most popular choice for riders with a tool hidden in your stem and a pump attached to your bottle cage. To complete the look, Rhy Verner also had OneUp’s strap holding a tube to her frame.
In addition to the OneUp system, Rhys had a mechanical suspension hook attached to the underside of his seat.
If you don’t want to put on your steerer tube, OneUp’s large volume pump can also accommodate a multi-tool inside. Cared for.
Tire caps are essential in case you fall victim to the sharp rocks of SilverStar.
Aren’t the built-in tools unique enough for you? Henry Fitzgerald used this custom leather multi-tool pouch, made using a hand-cranked leather sewing machine. Very hipster.
The good old packs are not dead yet with Leonie Picton using an Evoc 3L shoulder bag to carry all the essential spare parts.
For those who wanted something a little more stealthy, Jacob Jewett used this RaceFace belt to store a pump, inner tube, and tire levers.
For Lucas Cruz, a tube glued to the frame, a multi-tool in your pocket is enough.
Mckay Vezina had stored this nifty pouch with all the spare parts and snacks.
Henry Fitzgerald’s Topeak Pump features a locking lever and provides air when pushing AND pulling for any quick repair.

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