Tottenham star Aurier returns to France after brother’s death, vows not to take revenge


27-year-old Ivorian international pays tribute to brother who died Monday morning

Tottenham Hotspur full-back Serge Aurier returned to France to be with his mother after his brother’s death and has vowed not to take revenge.Christopher was shot in the stomach outside a nightclub in Toulouse on Monday morning and was confirmed dead in hospital according to Europe 1.

The 26-year-old was a professional footballer and started his career at French club Lens with his brother in 2009.

Spurs defenseman Aurier took part in his team’s 3-1 victory over Newcastle United in Wednesday’s Premier League game, his first match since the death of his brother.

The full-back is now back in France and posted the photo of himself on social media consoling his mother.

Serge Aurier, who moved to England in 2017 to join Tottenham, also congratulated his late brother for taking care of the family during his stay outside France and promised to trust the country’s judicial system.

“He took care of everyone here while I was gone. He took care of my mother, my nephews and nieces, ”Aurier told La Depeche.

“He took care of all material things with pleasure. I really enjoyed knowing he was there for my mom. It set the mood at home.

“I have no feeling of hatred or revenge. I work in a profession where you have to be calm. I’m calm. I have faith in justice. I am saddened, I regret. I continue to mourn the death of my brother. ”

The 27-year-old Ivorian international will miss his side’s Premier League home game against Leicester City on Sunday.

Aurier has made 56 league appearances since joining Spurs and this season he’s been in 40 games in all of Jose Mourinho’s men’s competitions.

The defender has 62 selections for Côte d’Ivoire and was part of the team that won the African Cup of Nations in 2015.


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