Toronto could create central quarantine facility for people with COVID-19


If you or someone you know lives in a house full of roommates and you wonder how you could possibly quarantine if you (God forbid) contract COVID-19 in one way or another, city ​​may soon cover you.Toronto is considering following the example of localities like Miami and L.A. by opening a special quarantine facility for people infected with COVID-19 who have no place to isolate themselves safely.

City Chief Medical Officer of Health Dr. Eileen de Villa today makes official recommendation after studying the demographics of communicable disease in Toronto and finding that the hardest hit neighborhoods are low income where, among other factors, families sometimes live in very close quarters.

The concept is already used in cities around the world, including 20 locations in the United States.

There are also currently two hotels in Toronto that function as COVID-19 recovery sites for residents who have the virus and who are also homeless, and therefore have nowhere to go to quarantine.

Meanwhile, the federal government has put recent international travelers without proper self-isolation plans in these centers since April to ensure they don’t put other members of the public at risk.

The motion will be voted on by the Toronto Board of Health today, and if passed it will require financial assistance from the province or Ottawa to materialize.


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