Toronto Blue Jays banned from playing games in Canada for 2020 MLB season due to coronavirus


Toronto Blue Jays have not been allowed to play games in Canada for 2020 MLB season for fear of spreading the coronavirus. The season, which has been delayed due to the pandemic, is expected to start at end of July.”Based on the best public health advice available, we concluded that the cross-border travel required for MLB regular season games would not adequately protect the health and safety of Canadians,” Canada’s Minister of Justice said on Saturday. ‘Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship in a press release. “Therefore, Canada will not be issuing a national interest exemption for the MLB regular season at this time. ”

The team reportedly needed a waiver of the rule requiring anyone entering the country to self-isolate for two weeks. The Blue Jays had previously been granted a pre-season training exemption, which required them to conduct all team activities at the Rogers Center, where they normally play their home games, and at the “adjacent facilities”.


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