Tornos News | Consul General of France: the motto of the Greece-France Alliance still relevant


France has always been and remains Greece’s staunchest ally, as evidenced by recent developments in the eastern Mediterranean, said Philippe Ray, outgoing consul general of France and director of the French Institute in Thessaloniki, in an interview. with the Athens-Macedonian news agency. the Saturday.

“Our relations are excellent and the slogan ‘Alliance Greece-France’ which goes back to the restoration of democracy [in Greece] in 1974 is still relevant and has a bright future, “stressed Ray, citing both France’s position during the financial crisis and recent events in the eastern Mediterranean as tangible examples.

The Consul General, who is due to leave in August, also spoke about his experiences in the Greek city and people, his work at the French Institute in Thessaloniki and the exchanges of Greek and French academics, his efforts to promote the Francophonie and the teaching. of French in Greece and the significant contribution of the French to life in Thessaloniki, which dates back almost 400 years.

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Photo source: Wikimedia Commons Licence: CC-BY-SA Copyright: Jebulon


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