Tony Elliott dies: Time Out founder who launched in uni break magazine dies at age 73


Time Out founder Tony Elliot died at the age of 73.He reached heights of success when he orchestrated the first copy of Time Out in 1968 during his summer break at the University of Keele.

The magazine’s entrepreneur has had a “long” battle with lung cancer, Time Out CEO Julio Bruno revealed on Linkedin.

Time Out announced the death of their founder with “great sadness” in a long press release.

The magazine paid tribute to Tony as a “visionary editor” and “champion of urban culture”.

A statement to Time Out said: “It is with great sadness that we announce that the founder of Time Out, Tony Elliott, died on July 16 after a long illness.

Tony Elliott, founder of Time Out, who launched the magazine at the university, dies at 73

“Tony was a visionary publisher, a tireless champion of urban culture and a loyal friend.

“He will be greatly missed by his family, friends and colleagues.

“His life and work have inspired millions of people who have not had the chance to know him personally. “

He reached the pinnacle of success creating the first copy of Time Out in 1968 during his summer vacation at Keele University

The first issue after the Time Out lockdown will commemorate Tony.

The magazine was established as a weekly publication in 1971.

Its success deserved a New York edition of the magazine in 1995.

Readers around the world have turned to its pages to peruse its content surrounding the world of art from theater to movies and food (Tony pictured with Jeannette Charles 10th Birthday Party The Queen Elizabeth II Lookalike At Time Out)

Readers around the world have turned to its pages for content around the world of art, from theater to movies and food.

Time Out has conquered the world and reached 328 cities in 58 countries.

Ten years ago Tony gave half of his stake to a private equity firm.

In 2012 it became a free magazine in London.


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