Tommy Tuberville defeats Jeff Sessions in Alabama Senate primary


Jeff Sessions was easily beaten by former Auburn University football coach Tommy Tuberville during the Alabama Senate primary on Tuesday evening.With nearly 70% of the results, Tuberville led the former attorney general by 24 percentage points.

The sessions sought to regain the seat of the United States Senate that he occupied before resigning in 2017 to become attorney general of President Trump.

The 73-year term under Trump has come under constant criticism from the president after he pulled out of oversight of the Russian investigation by special council Robert Mueller. Trump fired Sessions shortly after the 2018 midterm elections.

Tuberville, who was supported by Trump, will face outgoing senator Doug Jones in the November primary elections.

The president celebrated Tuberville’s victory in a tweet Tuesday evening.

“Wow, just call! @TTuberville – Tommy Tuberville won big against Jeff Sessions, “wrote Trump. “Will be a GREAT senator for the incredible people of Alabama. ”

Trump, in his tweet, criticized Jones as “a terrible senator who is just a super liberal puppet for Schumer and Pelosi” and said that lawmakers “misrepresent Alabama”.


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