Tom Holland fans explain why he’s hot after Nicki Minaj’s pregnancy announcement


Many Twitter users were left bemused after Tom Holland started following the trends after Nicki Minaj’s news that she was pregnant.

The rapper announced that she was expecting her first child with husband Kenneth Perry, and soon after, the social media site was inundated with jokes that Holland was the father.

Many began to happily wish the Spider-Man actor “congratulations” on the news, prompting one user to ask, “What’s up with these Tom Holland and Nicki Minaj memes? Did I miss something? “

While some were left confused by the claims, others jumped in to explain that the joke stems from a meme created in April 2019 depicting a love triangle between Minaj, the Spider-Man actor and YouTube star James. Charles.

“It’s been a joke for years,” one fan explained, adding, “I don’t know how it started, but people started making these changes on Tom Holland and Nicki.

The original clip, which went viral, saw a Dutch fan account post fake subtitles of the couple expressing their love for each other on real music videos.

While the tweets in response to Minaj’s news were clearly a joke, some people actually believed them.

“I read a tweet earlier today that said Tom Holland was the father of Nicki Minaj’s baby and honestly believed it all day,” one person wrote.

Another added: “I looked for it and it’s not true. Tom Holland is not a father and he is not with Nicki Minaj. He’s dating Nadia Park.

Minaj has been married to Perry since 2019. She broke the news of her pregnancy via photos of her belly on Instagram.

She wrote: “Love. Wedding. Pram. Bursting with excitement and gratitude. Thank you all for the good wishes.


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