Tom Holland and Robert Downey Jr. join Bridger Walker


Illustration to the article titled Tom Holland, Robert Downey Jr. joins Chris Evans to pay tribute to a boy who saved his sister from a dog attack

Photo: Todd Williamson (Getty Images)

Please prepare your heart for an impending warm-up and make sure your ‘Awww’ supplies are properly stocked: MCU stars Robert Downey Jr. and Tom Holland have now joined their old friend Chris Evans to pay their respects to Bridger Walker, a boy from 6 year old who was injured recently while protecting his little sister from a dog attack. As cataloged by Bridger’s aunt, Nicole Walker, Evans sent a message to the young boy – who must have received something in the order of 90 points after being bitten in the face during the attack – calling him a “hero” For ensuring his sister’s safety during the incident, and promising to send her a Captain America shield to commemorate her bravery. Not to be outdone, Downey Jr. and Holland also joined in the effort to bring some joy to Bridger, appearing as Iron Man and Spider-Man respectively, and offering their own cool gifts, including a chance to come hang out. on the set of the next one Spider Man film.

As indicated by Varietyit’s just exceptionally sweet, letting the young Marvel fan know he’s not alone during what must be a very scary time.


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