Toby Alderweireld punishes Arsenal’s mistakes to give glory to Spurs derby | Soccer


José Mourinho had said he couldn’t wait until the end of the season and given the somber mood that had clouded Tottenham in this derby and the state of the Premier League table it was easy to see why . Still, there was an unexpected dose of joy at the expense of their fit neighbors when the Spurs found a way to turn the tide of a second half that seemed to be moving away from them.The decisive blow was struck late by Toby Alderweireld, who stood up to tip Son Heung-min’s corner into the roof of the net. Defensively Arsenal broke down – why did Kieran Tierney score Alderweireld? – but the Spurs had done enough. It wasn’t a vintage performance on their part, but Mourinho wouldn’t have cared. He needed it and what it meant was clear. Full-time, Spurs goalkeeper Paulo Gazzaniga hammered a ball into the sky and there were big hugs from Mourinho for his staff.


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