Tim Smith dead: frontman of British rock band Cardiacs dies at 59


Tim Smith has died at the age of 59.He was the frontman of the influential British rock band Cardiacs.

Tim suffered a heart attack years ago and had difficulty speaking and moving.

The musician was best known for his stint in Cardiacs, but was also a record producer and music video director.

Tim, born in Surrey in 1961, began his musical career in 1975, as a guitarist in an unnamed instrumental group with his school mates.

He then formed Cardiacs alongside his brother James “Jim” Smith, Michael Pugh and Peter Tagg.

The range has changed over the years.

He recorded his first album under the band name Cardiac Arrest, which they later decided to change.

Tim Smith on stage

Cardiacs’ debut album Toy World was released in 1981 after recording it in a small basement studio called Crow Studios.

The band continued to release around 30 albums and singles throughout their career, the last one being released in 2007 as the single Dirty Scene.

Their releases included eight studio albums and a series of live albums.

Tim has also worked with other groups, such as The Sea Nymphs and OceanLandWorld.

After the news of his sad death, many fans took to Twitter to pay tribute to him.

One wrote: “Incredibly sad to hear of the passing of Tim Smith of Cardiacs. A unique musical spirit, a wonderful man. What day. But he will always be the dazzling light at the center of a huge musical family. . ”

Another posted: “It’s tragic f ** king that someone so influential, creative and admirable to pass away not only never saw the success they deserved, but suffered from an illness as well. horrible. May he live long ”

Tim retired from music in 2008 after developing rare neurological dystonia.

It occurred as a result of hypoxic brain damage caused by a heart attack.

Tim was 59

This condition impaired his dexterity as well as his ability to speak.

Tim explained how his condition affected him in a 2017 interview.

He told tQ, “I’m lucky with the worm that never dies. After all, who would be as lucky as I was to have a group of people who have just waited ten years for news of my recovery. In my book, this demonstration of faith would be the biggest mass of faith anyone could endure.

“Some days I can handle it, if I’m mentally able. I didn’t even tell the kids I was ashamed of and all I can say is I’m sorry. I had no idea how much I actually wanted to tell all these amazing people and tried to find out what they mean to me.

“The only way I can try to let you know how I’m feeling right now is… imagine if you were wearing a tight fishnet bodysuit all around you with electrical impulses spinning all the time. This is what my body feels like unless I fall asleep. ”


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