Tiger Woods enters a “very different world” in Muirfield Village


DUBLIN, Ohio – Nothing like a tiger roar.It reverberates around a golf course, shakes the ground, resounds trees and strikes every place on the property. When Tiger Woods does something big, which has often happened in the past two decades on the PGA TOUR, his competitors know it. It is beyond doubt.

At Muirfield Village, where Woods won the commemorative tournament presented by Nationwide five times, the most striking rolls are apparently endless. The chip-in of 14 in 1999. Or what about that of the 16 in 2012? In each of them, with the shot and a traditional Woods fist pump or a primal cry, you see noisy galleries going crazy.

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And why wouldn’t they be excited. They saw greatness up close. Witness story. I was given a story to tell the grandchildren.

The roars not only made many of Woods’ competitors – who now knew they had reached a new milestone in the mountains – shiver – but they also invigorated Woods himself. Energy would flow through the fiery competitor and apparently push him to even greater heights.

So all that said, what is Woods going to do this week at Muirfield Village when he makes his long-awaited and long-awaited return to the PGA TOUR? The Memorial was originally planned as the first return to golf event with spectators, but the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has assured that this will not be the case.

Woods will play its competitive rounds without a gallery on site. Without the roars. Will he be able to summon the same competitive shooting?

“There is nothing to eat from an energy point of view. You make a big putt or make a big pair or make a big chip or hit a hell of a knock, there’s no one there, “said Woods Tuesday as he prepares for his first TOUR event since February.

“That’s what the guys are saying now, it’s a very different world here, not having the distractions, the noise, the excitement, the energy, the people the fans are bringing. It’s just a silent and different world. ”

The Tiger effect, as it has been called in the past, extends beyond the roars. Woods pointed out that he had cameras with him throughout his TOUR career and that he even had large galleries during college and amateur golf. With that comes constant restlessness, movement, things that can enter the minds of some golfers.

Woods, however, had been trained by his father Earl from his early years to be able to cope with distraction. As Tiger grew up and started competing, his father deliberately did things to try to keep his son out of the middle of the swing. Woods quickly developed an ability to stop the swing and block the circus around it. During his incredible career and record 82 TOUR victories, Woods was able to use the circus to his advantage.

“For most of my career, pretty much almost every competitive tournament I’ve ever had, I’ve had people around me, screaming spectators, lots of movement inside the gallery with teams cameras and media, “noted Woods.

“Watching the players play in the last few weeks has not been, and it is very different, and for the players who are a little older and who have been playing here for a long time and who have experienced it, that’s very different. For some of the younger kids, it’s probably not particularly different. They’re not too far from the university or they’ve only been there for a year or two, but for some of the older guys, it’s very revealing. “


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