Three new cases of COVID-19 in Medicine Hat this weekend


Cypress County has a total of 30 cases, all recovered.The province has now confirmed a total of 9,587 cases throughout the pandemic. There are currently 1,109 active cases and 8,308 Albertans have recovered. That’s an increase of 250 and 115, respectively.

There are currently 86 Albertans in the hospital, an increase of 18 since Friday’s update. Of the 86 hospitalized, 17 are in intensive care. The death toll is three at 170.

The province has performed 23,530 tests in the past 72 hours.

The southern zone has a total of 1,513 cases – 1,381 recovered, an increase of 14 and 119 active, an increase of 20.

There are eight people in the area at the hospital, an increase of four. There is currently one person in intensive care in the southern zone, and there have been 13 deaths.

Forty Mile County has eight cases in total, two active cases and six recovered.

Taber’s MD has a total of 19 cases, seven active and 12 cured.

Special Zones No. 2 have five active cases.

The numbers are unchanged at Brooks, where there have been 1,121 cases in total – 1,109 are recovered and three are active. Brooks has recorded nine deaths. Newell County has a total of 23 cases – two active and 21 cured.

Warner County has 47 cases in total. There are now five active cases and 41 cured. There was one death in the county.

The City of Lethbridge has a total of 88 cases. Of these, 38 are listed as active and 50 recovered. Lethbridge County has 17 cases, 10 active cases and seven recovered.

Figures on are “current as of end of July 19, 2020”.

Dr. Deena Hinshaw, Chief Medical Officer of Health for Alberta, will provide an in-person update on Tuesday.


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