Three FC Dallas players and coach tested positive for COVID-19 in Orlando – The Athletic


This play was reported by Paul Tenorio, Sam Stejskal and Jeff Rueter On Wednesday, three FC Dallas players and a coach tested positive for COVID-19, several sources told The Athletic. These four results have yet to be confirmed by follow-up tests.

The league announced earlier Wednesday that FC Dallas has tested six players positive since arriving in Orlando on Saturday. If Wednesday’s results are confirmed to be positive, this would bring the total number of Dallas players tested positive in Orlando, plus the coach, to nine.

Three other Dallas players tested positive before the club left for Florida on Saturday. One of these positive results was announced on June 3. The other two came later in June and were not announced by the club; it is unknown if these two players traveled with the team to Orlando.

The six positive tests of Sunday, Monday and Tuesday were reported for the first time by the Dallas blog, 3rd…


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