“This stuff is real”: COVID-19 symptoms may persist for months, say long haulers


Content of the article

Susie Goulding of Oakville, Ontario started showing symptoms of COVID-19 in March, just when things started to freeze. She had an itchy sore throat and then, five days later, “bam – it felt like someone had slapped my neck. Her symptoms came in waves, she said – body aches, heartburn, “a strange, shaky feeling in my heart.”

In late February, a World Health Organization mission to China announced upon return that it would take approximately two weeks to recover from a mild COVID-19 and three to six weeks for serious or critical infections.

“I’m week 17,” said Goulding Tuesday.

She still struggles with “absolutely terrible brain fog,” losing her train of thought in the middle of the sentence, and said that thinking about moving is exhausting. “I had a mono when I was a child and it’s 10 times worse,” said the single mother of a 12-year-old son. “I was isolated, I’m paranoid about seeing people. It affects you deeply. ”


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