This rare comet will be most visible in the United States over the next three days


An incredibly rare comet will be at its brightest over the next three days, lighting up the skies and providing jaw-dropping views.Comet C / 2020 F3, or NEOWISE, has been visible all over the planet all month, and if you haven’t grabbed your chance to see it, the next few days will bring you some of the best views yet.

Comet NEOWISE will reach the closest point to Earth from July 22 to 23, which means the sights will become even more spectacular across the country.

“A wonderful binocular comet graced our skies early in the morning, and now it also becomes visible in the evening, to observers at northern latitudes such as those of the northern United States and Canada,” write EarthSky’s celestial trackers.

‚ÄúSome experienced observers have reported that – once you have spotted it with binoculars – you can pull them out and see this comet as a fuzzy ball, using only the naked eye. Using binoculars or other optical aids is a must, however, if you want to see this comet’s splendid split tail.

EarthSky says it’s easier to spot the comet in the second half of July, and it will gradually increase each night, just below the Big Dipper.

While the early morning before sunrise is always the best time to see it, EarthSky notes that the comet will appear circumpolar and travel around the North Star, above our horizon at all times, and became visible early. the evening.

If you manage to get a glimpse, don’t forget to try to snap a photo and take in the spectacular view.


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