“They all make a difference”: British travel agencies flout vacation reimbursement law | Business


Travelers whose trips are canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic face a summer of stress as businesses rewrite the rules to avoid reimbursing them. Thousands of vacationers have had trouble getting their money back since March, and the problem is expected to get worse now that the government has relaxed the travel ban.Summer deals advertised by travel agencies could be canceled if new bans are imposed in the UK or abroad. The law allows customers to receive a full refund when a flight or vacation is canceled, but many are forced to accept vouchers or pay significant processing fees.

Some companies block claims by transferring responsibility to others. Several airlines, responsible for issuing refunds under European denied boarding regulations, insist that passengers submit a request through the agent who handled the booking. Package tour operators have asked customers to recover the cost of their canceled vacation from travel insurers, although they are responsible under package tour regulations. Some travel insurers have told customers with valid claims to recover the money through their bank or credit card issuer.


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