The Weather Network – Quebec was hit by two tornadoes – one causing severe damage


Tuesday, July 28, 2020, 3:30 p.m. – Severe thunderstorms hit Quebec City on Monday. The thunderstorm cells produced two tornadoes, one of which caused extensive damage.

Monday, Quebec had the perfect formulation for causing bad weather, including two tornadoes. The storm was caused by the passage of a front combined with extreme heat and oppressive humidity. Although the storm affected several regions of Quebec, two regions were affected by tornadoes.

The municipality of Saint-Mathias de Bonneterre, in the Eastern Townships, was affected by a tornado which caused serious damage. Houses were badly hit, several large trees were uprooted and some recreation fields were partially or completely destroyed.

Tornado roof
Courtesy: André Porlier

Tornado tree
Courtesy: Isabella Jacques

In Mauricie, the city of Saint-Roch-de-Mékinac has experienced violent thunderstorms which produce a tornado. However, the event would not have caused significant damage. Authorities report uprooted trees.

On the Sherbrooke side, a violent storm caused flooding on some roads.

Environment Canada experts have yet to conduct an investigation to determine the intensity of the two tornadoes. Since the start of the active season, six tornadoes have been confirmed in Quebec. An average summer has five.

In Canada, Ontario is the province with the most tornadoes.

Tornado count

Courtesy sticker: André Porlier

Watch a video of some of the damage:


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