The Uttar Pradesh cop who led the Kanpur operation fired 5 times, the sharp weapon also used


The funeral of Devendra Kumar Mishra took place in Kanpur.

Lucknow: Devendra Mishra, Kanpur senior police officer, who not only laid down an attempted murder against chief criminal Vikas Dubey, but also led the police to arrest the man, was killed with unprecedented savagery in similar incidents in Uttar Pradesh.

At first, police said the man was dragged into the home of one of the gang members and shot at point-blank range.

The post-mortem report now indicates that the 54-year-old man was shot five times in the head, chest, stomach and legs. The bullets passed through the body. There were also deep cuts under his waist and on his legs, which could have been caused by an ax. It is unclear whether he was tortured before being shot or whether the injuries occurred after his death.

The 50-member police team led by Mishra to catch Vikas Dubey fell into a trap on Friday. The police were forced to abandon their car and travel the last stretch after finding the road blocked by an earthmoving machine.

The shooting began as it moved to the village of Bikru in Kanpur, about 150 km from the state capital, Lucknow. Eight police officers died on the spot, six others, wounded, are in the hospital.

It now appears that many police officers have been shot dead with their own weapons, which were taken from them.

In total, the gang of Vikas Dubey had snatched an AK-47, an Insas rifle, a Glock revolver and two 9 mm pistols. With the exception of a pistol, none of the weapons was found.

A 26-year-old policeman, Jitendra, was shot dead by an AK 47. Deputy inspector Anup Kumar was shot seven times. Babloo Kumar, 23, was shot dead with his own rifle.

The bodies of the other police officers were also shot and wounded.

Before the demolition of Vikas Dubey’s house on Saturday, the police had broken down the walls to see if the criminals had hidden weapons there. Police were informed that the gang had “built a bunker in the house, where the weapons were hidden in the walls,” said Mohit Agarwal, the head of the Kanpur chain.

“This is why the police broke down the walls and a cache of weapons and ammunition was found,” he added.

There are, however, no signs of the rest of the weapons snatched from the police.

Vikas Dubey, wanted in more than 60 cases, was accused of attempted murder by a local. Passing through the trap that was set, the police suspected that he had been informed in advance of the force’s decision.

One of his gang members arrested today, Dayashaker Agnihotri, revealed that someone from the police station had informed his boss of the plan, after which he called approximately 25 gang members and ambushed the police. .

The post of head of the Chaubepur police station has been suspended and is being questioned by the police. He had initially refused to file a complaint against Vikar Dubey and had managed to slip when the operation in the village was about to begin.


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