The United States on the “red list” of 16 countries published by France


In a new effort to combat the spread of a second wave of coronavirus, France has made testing mandatory for entering travelers from 16 countries classified as ” rouge,“With the United States at the top of the list.

The announcement came at the end of a defense council meeting devoted to the world-wide Covid-1 9, which is prompting calls for tighter border controls.

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“We know that in a number of these countries, there is no screening strategy and that access to tests is difficult,” the Minister explained. “As a result, we have decided to generalize the tests on arrival. Positive cases will be placed in a 14-day quarantine.

From August 1, according to the new measures, the strengthening of border controls for passengers from 16 countries where the resumption of the disease is particularly strong means that they will have to present a negative test on departure or be tested on arrival. to enter in French. territory through the country’s airports and ports.

Thus, proof of a negative test of less than 72 hours will be mandatory for passengers from four countries:

United States

United Arab Emirates



Travelers from the following countries will be tested upon arrival in France:



• South Africa










As the borders with these countries are closed, the measure concerns the movement of French citizens residing in these countries or citizens of these countries having a stable residence in France.

According to the latest figures, 15 million people have been infected worldwide, including four million in the United States.

The countries with the most new deaths are Brazil with 1,311 new deaths, the United States with 1,225 and India with 740. France has recorded 10 new deaths since Thursday.

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The French authorities, according to the French Figaro, “are concerned about the relaxation of compliance with control measures and the increase in cases among 20-40 year olds, which could cause an acceleration in the circulation of the virus”.

The French government plans to set up information campaigns during the summer. In France, the number of cases continues to increase with “more than 1000” Thursday and “10 new outbreaks” of infection, according to the Directorate General of Health (DGS).

This is the epidemic situation in the countries of the red list which must have compulsory tests before departure:

Bahrain: With one of the highest per capita coronavirus infection rates in the world, the Gulf state has reported one of the lowest death rates, at 0.34%. Authorities have reported more than 37,000 cases and 130 deaths for a population of 1.6 million.

. United Arab Emirates: 343 people have died so far. An important hub for international airport connections, the country’s economy is suffering greatly from the drop in air traffic. From August 1, the country is making Covid-19 tests mandatory for all people entering and in transit, regardless of the country of departure, while the measure is already applied for travel to Abu Dhabi.

. Panama: The Central American country is experiencing an escalation in coronavirus cases and deaths. Authorities have reported 1,209 deaths since the start of the epidemic and the death rate is over 2%.

. United States surpassed the 4 million officially recorded cases on Thursday. The daily rate of cases, the number of hospitalizations and the number of deaths (146,596) indicate that the country is far from containing the virus.


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