The trick to dribble the grenade-Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is a strange problem, a new feature in hilarious


Players of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Call of Duty: Warzone have discovered the “grenade dribble” in the framework of the update Reloaded of season 4 of game of first-person shooter, which allows users to catch their own grenades by bouncing off the surfaces.The move only works if you have E. O. D. equipped, which is an advantage of level a, which reduces the damage explosives. It now allows you also to retrieve your own grenades live without fear of you blowing up in the process. The user of Reddit Spiffip shows the technique below.

Did you know that you can dribble kills with the EOD? r / modernwarfare

Some players have even managed to get eliminations quite tasty by using this movement showboaty, with SuorinGod doing a “OOD alley oop” by throwing their grenade recovered on the field of battle and scoring a kill.

I’ve seen the video EOD of dribblage, so now I present to you the EOD alley-oop! r / modernwarfare

To be honest, the viability of the “fence dribble” is rather limited, and mainly another way for the players to show another method of destruction obscure rather than relying on it as a real technique for multiplayer or Warzone.

However, this shows that Call of Duty: Modern Warfare still has a lot of surprises to its assets, even if these locations of bunker-Call of Duty Warzone continue to host many secrets not discovered until Call of Duty 2020 …

the Call of Duty: the squads Warzone kill a record getting ridiculous – how high the players will push the record of duets?


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