The rules of the face mask in Spain, France, Italy, Greece, Turkey and Portugal


We are all preparing to make face masks mandatory in stores in England, but if we are lucky enough to go on vacation, can we give up the mask? Since the fine for not wearing a blanket is £ 100, you don’t want to be caught overseas where you might only have brought in a limited amount of euros – a bad fine could cost that last night of cocktails by the sea!

While wearing a mask in such a hot climate isn’t fun, it could very well be necessary.

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Countries that are part of the UK’s “airlift” travel plans have strict rules in place for face coverings in confined spaces to limit the risk of the virus spreading, Mirror Online reports.

All of the following rules were correct as of July 15, so if your vacation is in a few weeks or months, be sure to check for the latest updates before you go.

Since June 15, non-essential stores have been able to reopen and now leisure attractions are also starting to open.

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In general, face masks are mandatory for anyone over the age of six, when it is not possible to maintain the required social distance of 1.5 meters.

Several regional authorities have put in place stricter rules regarding face masks, making it an obligation in public regardless of the social distancing measures in place.

Aragon, Asturias, Cantabria, Navarre, La Rioja, Catalonia, the Balearic Islands, Extremadura, Andalusia and Murcia have made facial masks mandatory – or they are about to do so.

Masks are recommended but not compulsory for children aged three to five.


It is mandatory that masks be worn when using public transport, including flights, ferries, airports and taxis. They are also compulsory in medical establishments and in elevators.

Until recently, masks were mandatory for shoppers, but these measures have now been relaxed – however, store staff will still need to wear a mask.


You can visit the Louvre – but only with a face mask

Face masks must be worn on public transport by anyone over the age of 11. This rule also applies in taxis and airports.

Masks are not yet mandatory in stores, but traders can decide to make this a requirement.

From August 1, masks will be compulsory in all closed public spaces in France.

Anyone refusing to wear them will be fined € 135 (or £ 122).


The use of masks remains compulsory in closed public spaces throughout the country, including restaurants, shops and in public transport. In the regions of Lombardy and Piedmont, masks are compulsory in all public spaces.

In restaurants, masks must be worn when you enter the room and each time you leave your table.

Masks are not mandatory outside, but must be worn when the required social distancing measures cannot be maintained.


Face masks are required throughout Turkey in crowded places, especially markets and supermarkets, hairdressers and hair salons.

Masks are also mandatory on all public transport, including the metro, buses, taxis and ferries.

Some provinces apply masks at all times outside the home, including some of Turkey’s most popular tourist spots such as Bodrum, Marmaris, and Istanbul.

This includes beaches, parks and restaurants.

However, while on hotel property, vacationers are free to ditch the face covering.

Those caught without a mask can face a fine of up to 900 Turkish pounds (around £ 105).


The use of face masks is compulsory in public transport and services, shops and supermarkets, in closed spaces or in frequented places such as museums and recreation areas.

While you obviously don’t have to wear a face mask while eating, you do have to wear one while walking around the restaurant.

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It is also advisable to wear face masks during all outings where you will be in contact with other members of the public.

If you are caught not wearing a mask on public transport, you will be liable to a fine of 120 to 350 euros (109 to 318 £).

In the archipelagos of Madeira and the Azores, the two regional governments have adopted specific measures not regarding face masks but in terms of entry conditions – you can find out more here.


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