The reason why I May Destroy You had different hair styles


The hair and makeup designer behind the look of the character of Michaela Coel Arabella in I can destroy you explained the reasons for her hair color change.

Talk to Subway, Bethany Swan explained each look and why it is important to the character.

Bethany said, “Throughout the Michaela series, Lynsey Moore [costume designer] and I worked closely to create real characters with resonant stories through a combined use of color seen in costume, makeup and even hair.

“When we meet Arabella for the first time, she has pink hair. From an exterior point of view, this color exudes confidence, but it is a pale faded pink, it has long dark roots, it feels tired, loved and inhabited. “


“It is the state of mind in which we find her, emotionally exhausted and with the writer’s block. We developed the symbolism behind Arabella’s pink hair, as reflected on our young Theo with strands in her hair too. Michaela wanted pink to reflect the trauma experienced by the two women. ”

Bethany then explained the purple hair of Arabella seen while she was in Italy during the flashback episode.

“It’s absolutely not apologetic and we made sure to find the most vibrant tone possible,” said Bethany of the look.

michaela coel as arabella and weruche opia as terry in i can destroy you

BBC / Various Artists Ltd et FALKNA / Natalie Seery

“We also see her trying on a long black wig, it’s her experience with a different character. She wears ‘insta’ makeup, labeled sportswear and has the brightest jet black hair that goes with it. “

Arabella’s next big hair transformation is when she shaves her hair in episode five.

“Shaving the head in many cultures represents a cathartic release of emotions,” said Bethany.

“When Arabella does it on a whim, it creates a catalyst for change and the realization of her experiences. “

I can destroy you is available on BBC iPlayer and is broadcast on HBO in the United States.

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