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However, these fears have apparently been dispelled, and the monarch, 94, with her husband Prince Philip, 99, are believed to be due to jet on Balmoral castle in Scotland at the beginning of the month of August, royal sources told the Sun.Indeed, the government’s official travel advice, updated on 24 June: “If, to visit other parts of the united KINGDOM – Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, you must comply with the laws and policies of the devolved administrations all the time”.

However, the guidelines do differ between England and Scotland, which makes the situation a little more confusing for the general population.Using vague terms, Scottish leader Nicola Sturgeon has said about the distance “if the distance is so far that you would have to use someone else’s bathroom, then maybe you shouldn’t do that.”

In any case, none of this is likely to hinder His Majesty from the program of the summer. She and Prince Philip can stay at Balmoral for up to three months, once Covid-19 restrictions relating to the “shielding” are exercised at the beginning of the month of August.

A royal source told the Sun that “everything will be controlled and checked to ensure there is no risk.”

The Queen usually goes to Balmoral each year. (Photo: Samir Hussein / WireImage / Getty)

The annual trip to Balmoral is a staple food annual for the Queen. Throughout her reign, the Queen has for objective to spend several weeks each year.

The Queen’s Scottish holiday home has been purchased for the first time of Queen Victoria, Prince Albert, in 1852, after the 19th century royal couple was struck by the natural beauty of the Highlands.

However, the castle that is there now is not the original one. The original was not considered large enough for the members of the royal family to occupy, so that William Smith, City Architect of Aberdeen, was in charge of constructing a new neighbor.

Once the new castle was completed, the old one was destroyed.

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balmoral castle

Balmoral Castle is currently closed to visitors due to the Covid-19 pandemic. (Image: Tim Graham Photo Library / Getty)

Visits to Balmoral are generally open to the public from April, but this year this is not the case, which is understandable.

In April, at the re-opening of Balmoral Castle is currently in arrears – it is not clear when this might change.

Through the Covid-19 lock up to now, the Queen and the Duke spent a week isolated in the Castle of Windsor.

While Her Majesty’s Balmoral plans seem to have been spared by the interruption of the locking action (of things), other aspects of royal life do not have.

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the queen's birthday gun salute

Bursts are usually done to celebrate the birthday of the Queen, as well as here in 2010. (Picture: Max Mumby / Indigo / Getty)

For example, both the Queen and Prince Philip have celebrated their birthdays in style this year with the usual celebrations not to go forward.

For example, Buckingham Palace has confirmed to the advance of the Queen’s birthday in April that there would be no salvos to mark the event.

It was thought that it was the first time in the Queen of the entire 68-year reign that the occasion was not marked by a salute.

Similarly, the public Parade of the military parade which marks the Queen’s other “official” birthday in June did not go ahead.

Prince Philip and the Queen standing together

The Queen and Prince Philip are currently isolated in the Castle of Windsor. (Image: Tim Graham / Getty)

Although apparently a private ceremony at Windsor Castle made going forward.

During this time, the Queen held a conference call with the AMERICAN President Donald Trump yesterday, according to the Royal Family’s Twitter account.

He came to the united states Independence day celebrations, scheduled to be held on 4 July.


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