The Other Way Season 2 Episode 8 Recap


Before we get into anything else, we need to tackle this episode’s most surprising revelation: Jenny said she took Sumit’s virginity. When Jenny said that Sumit’s parents would need a good reason to oppose their marriage, she said taking her virginity was not a crime. This is only surprising because, as viewers know, Sumit was married when he met Jenny. This means that he had been seeing Jenny since before his marriage or that he was in a sexless marriage. I wish we could see more of their relationship history because their dynamics are interesting.

They both act like they don’t mind how people judge their relationship, but I think Sumit is hiding what he feels. Jenny is used to it and isn’t worried that Sumit’s friends’ wives haven’t shown up, but what does Sumit think of this challenge? I think Jenny is right to fear that she might be able to return to her parents. Even though he’s not lying about the divorce, I don’t think he’s realistic about how difficult it is for Jenny to live in India without friends and family. It’s great that they have and really love each other, but I don’t think it will be enough for them to start a new life together.


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