The number of active cases in Alberta is 1,430, with eight newly reported deaths


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Hinshaw said people cannot forget that the virus can have serious or fatal effects on their health or that of those close to them.

The eight newly reported deaths include five women linked to an outbreak at the Good Samaritan Southgate Care Center in Edmonton, a man in his 80s linked to Blue Sky Lodge in the South Zone, a man in his 80s from the South Zone and a woman in the Edmonton area’s 80s, died in mid-May but whose death was determined to be caused by COVID-19.

AHS has worked closely with operators to implement measures to stop the spread of the new coronavirus at the Good Samaritan Southgate Care Center, as the outbreak has resulted in 78 cases and 12 deaths.

The 304 cases detected over the weekend came from 10,617 tests on Friday, 9,848 on Saturday and 7,428 on Sunday. AHS performed a total of 651,335 tests on 547,785 people.

Of the active cases, 730 are in the Calgary area, which is just over 50 percent.

Hinshaw persists in people wearing masks wherever it can be difficult to stay two meters from others, especially in indoor spaces.

To encourage the use of masks, Hinshaw is asking Albertans to post photos of themselves wearing their favorite masks. She posted a photo of herself wearing a periodic table mask to start the trend.

“When we can find creative ways to take public health advice, protect each other while having fun, we have to do it,” she said.

In a meeting Monday, Banff City Council unanimously approved a by-law to make masks mandatory in confined spaces such as shops, cafes and facilities, and outside the pedestrian zone of the downtown Banff, starting this Friday, July 31.


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