The new Peugeot 5008 2022 relies on practicality


Peugeot plans to refocus its flagship SUV, the 5008, towards a more practicality-oriented model when its next generation arrives in 2022, Auto Express may reveal.Like its little brother the 3008, the Peugeot 5008 was completely overhauled in 2017, moving from a pseudo-MPV to a more conventional SUV. The bad fortunes of the previous model were reversed as a result, helping to swell Peugeot’s balance sheet.

A refurbished 5008 is expected to arrive by the end of this year. But looking further into the future, customer analysis has led some inside Peugeot to push for the next new generation of car to be moved in a more extreme direction – forgoing a bit of SUV styling. in favor of the practicality that its base of owners seems to appreciate.

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Speaking exclusively to Auto Express, Peugeot design chief Gilles Vidal said: “The 5008 is bought by young adults who have children. So the bigger car is bought by families but often people with more means, more money, buy the smaller one. [the 3008].

“It could lead us for the next generation of 5008 to go even boxier and find a way to make it sexy.”

Our exclusive image shows a concept of how Peugeot could improve the functionality of the 5008. A more vertical rear glass line would improve overall trunk capacity and improve the accommodation of the third row of seats. Vidal’s task will be to make the roofline consistently aggressive, perhaps through clever use of the side chrome trim, and reduce the visual depth of the car’s metal sidewalls without resorting to complex and difficult surface coating. .

Vidal said he’s trying to make sure a more practical 5008 still has visual appeal – the kind of feature that has persuaded a growing number of people to move away from people carriers in favor of SUVs. “When I say square versus the 5008, it shouldn’t be a boring square,” he said. “There is a place, of course, to make it more practical and then generate a design that is still amazing but not by the vibrancy. It’s a different kind of sexy.

As with the upcoming 3008, the next 5008 is expected to be based on an evolution of the current car’s EMP2 platform, called EMP2 V4. This will allow the car to be powered by gasoline, diesel, mild hybrid, plug-in hybrid or pure electric powertrains.

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