The new menu prices of Wetherspoons as part of the Eat Out to Help Out program


Next week, the government’s new Eat Out to Help Out program will launch in restaurants across England. The new program has been put in place to help bring diners back to restaurants, as the economy struggles to return to normal after the coronavirus crisis.

Many restaurants where people can eat have already signed up to participate in the program, and the likes of Nando’s, McDonald’s and KFC will all offer customers up to 50 percent off.

Wetherspoons is also on the program and will sell meals for as little as £ 2 from next week.

As part of the Eat Out to Help Out program, a 50% discount will be available at participating restaurants and pubs on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays in August, up to a maximum of £ 10 per person, reports Hull Live.

Wetherspoons announced that under this scheme breakfasts in its pubs would cost £ 2.24, a pizza £ 2.75, other meals £ 2.37 and a children’s meal at 2.08 £.

The prices will be lower than comparable foods bought at most supermarkets such as Tesco, he said.

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Company chairman Tim Martin said: “Thanks to the government program, an individual has £ 2.93 better to eat and drink at Wetherspoons than buying a similar line of products from Tesco.

“Over a 13-day period, customers would save £ 38.09. The vast majority of our pubs will offer a range of meals, including a drink, at great prices.


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