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As summer progresses, grilling and partying in the backyard can be the only serious outdoor excursions many of us take this season. However, even with all of our current problems, there is a group that does not care about COVID-19 and will always seek to make any trip you make outside an uncomfortable disaster.

Mosquitoes. You hate them. I hate them. We all hate them. The Centers for Disease Control call them deadliest animal in the world. And while there may be unknown environmental impacts, scientists say a genocide of mosquitoes might not be a horrible thing for the planet.

You can help start this massive extermination directly in your yard with the Kinkoo Moskiller mosquito repellent lamp.

Rather than coating yourself with mosquito repellents, the Moskiller takes an innovative approach to eliminating pesky mosquitoes that carry disease without using chemicals and other harmful substances.

Rather than relying on a single trick, the Moskiller actually uses four different technologies to clear up your horde of backyard mosquitoes. The unit emits 360-degree enveloping UV light waves and bionic temperatures that attract mosquitoes from a wide range of more than 200 square feet.

Once they get close, a seven-leaf fan creates a strong flow of peripheral vortex air which essentially sucks its prey directly into the Moskiller’s anti-escape storage box. There, a physical method of air drying puts the final zap on mosquitoes, dehydrates them and kills them.

During this time, the Moskiller assumes its responsibilities in virtual silence, so you can also operate it while you work or sleep.

The lamp has a universal USB port. To do its mosquito repellent tasks, the Moskiller can also be plugged into an adapter, a power bank or even a computer or other device.

You can do your part to end the scourge of mosquitoes once and for all by picking up a Moskiller Mosquito Killer lamp now on 25 percent off its regular price, only $ 29.95.

Prices are subject to change.

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