The Hutterites face the COVID-19 threat in Sask. colonies


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“They called us once but we said no”, Stahl added. “If no one is sick, why would we want them to be here?” “

Stahl explained that life has changed Earview Colony, which has approximately 95 members. They wear masks when they go into town, she said, and limit travel to urgent visits. She said there was an almost total ban on the entry of foreigners.

“The only people who enter the colony are the guy who comes for the milk and the people who come for our pigs,” she said.

“We even have a sign on the front of the colony which says that no one comes unless they call.”

But Stahl believes that the COVID-19 pandemic is “out of proportion”. She said that many people in the colony share this view.

David Tschetter said that each community manages pandemic protocols in its own way, depending on its specific situation. He admitted that breaking long established routines and traditions can be “extremely difficult”.

“It is in our interest to work with public health authorities because we are vulnerable and we must protect them,” he said.

“We have a role to play in this, and everyone in the province of Saskatchewan has a responsibility to do their part.

“We owe it to each other. “

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