The federal government and WE Charity agree to separate themselves from the fellowship program summer student


The federal liberal government and the charity WE put an end to a partnership that would have allowed the charity to distribute approximately $ 900 million in scholarships and federal studies this summer.The decision to outsource this work to a third party with ties to the family of the prime minister Justin Trudeau has been criticized by some members of the charitable sector and by the conservative opposition.

Trudeau and his mother, Margaret, have participated in many events of the Day WE, while his wife, Sophie Grégoire Trudeau, hosted a podcast for the group entitled “WE Well-being”.

WE said that no member of the family Trudeau does not receive fees for his appearances with the charity, although Grégoire Trudeau has covered his travel expenses. A spokesman for the Office of the Prime minister said that the participation of Grégoire Trudeau WE had been approved by the federal commissioner for ethics.

WE have also gone through a drastic change organizational in recent months, with a series of resignations and dismissals.

Trudeau had defended the partnership, saying that WE were the only group with a national network able to manage a program of this kind for young people.

But Trudeau said Friday that the decision to cut ties was ” the decision to US, that we support “.

He said that the federal government will distribute simply grants himself, even if he does not have the same “relationship” with the small charities that WE said he had.

“Obviously, this situation was really unfortunate, because one of the things that eventually happen with this is that young people may not have the same access to programs as them,” said Trudeau.

Asked Friday if he and his family would continue their work with WE, Trudeau said he remained committed to issues relating to young people.

“In regard to WE, I think the organization is going to take some time to think about his next steps and how it reacts exactly to this situation,” he said.

A statement by the federal government has stated that today’s decision was ” a decision mutually agreed upon “.

“The government of Canada and WE Charity will work together to ensure that the volunteers who have applied and who have been placed will not be affected negatively. WE Charity has also decided to return all of the funds already received,” Diversity, inclusion and youth minister Bardish Chagger said in the press release.

“The goal of our government is to link the skills and capacities of young people to the possibilities of service to help heal their communities.”

WE Charity, which was launched by the youth advocates Marc and Craig Kielburger in 1995, was chosen by bureaucrats to administer the canada study Grant for services to students (CSSG).

The grant offers eligible students up to $ 5,000 each to help cover the costs of post-secondary education this fall. The amount of each grant depends on the time the beneficiary devotes to volunteer work.

Chagger has stated that Employment and social Development Canada (EDSC) has recommended that a third party is administering the grant “given the scope and scale of the program” and ” the urgent need to implement this new program.”

But, with WE outside, it is not known how the program, which has received about 35 000 candidates in the course of the first week, will now be administered.

In a press release, WE Charity said that if the participation was high, the critical involvement of WE ” has not decreased “.

“The program has also been caught in controversy since its announcement,” the statement said.

“Our concern is that to continue in this way, the program itself will start to suffer – and as a result, the opportunities for students could be negatively affected. Not only this would be inappropriate, but it is useless. ”

WE said that all the federal funds to WE to administer the grant ” will be fully returned to the government.”

Chagger has stated that Ottawa is working on an “accelerated transition” and “examine all options to ensure that students, nonprofit organizations and the communities continue to be supported throughout the pandemic”.


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